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    Nisan - Ağustos - Aralık
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  • Yıl: 2015
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Mustafa ŞEKKELİ,  Ceyhun YILDIZ,  Fatih KARIK,  Adnan SÖZEN, 

Wind energy has widespread usage in renewable energy resources. Promoting policies of countries and decreasing in investment cost have increased the usage of wind energy. The number of wind power plants(WPP) connected to electrical grid increases day by day in Turkey. Variable and uncertain generations of WPPs are making difficult to operate these plants in electrical grid. Plant owners can not give guaranty for the amount of energy they are going to generate next day, they can only create a generation schedule by using generation forecast values. Participants are reponsible for the generation schedule that they informed, in Day Ahead Electricity Market (DAM). Market mechanism penalizes facilities which deviate from informed schedule. There is an other electricity market in Turkey as a part of Renewa ble Energy Resources Promotion Mechanism (RESPM) to increase the usage of renewable energy resources. Participants are not reponsible for the generation schedule that they informed, in RESPM market. In this study, 14 WPPs installed in Turkey are investigated in DAM and RESPM markets. As a result of investigations; it is seen that, according to 2013 data, in DAM market 11 plants, in RESPM market 3 plants have more income.

Anahtar Kelime: Wind energy,  electricity market

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