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    Nisan - Ağustos - Aralık
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  • Yıl: 2016
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Ömer UYURCA,  İbrahim ATILGAN, 

The most important factors to ensure traffic safety and traffic order is education and supervision. Traffic control on road users by creating a deterrent, preventing any violation of the rules and avoid behaviors that may create hazards. Attention is constantly point inspection to be a full deterrence does not occur otherwise. When there is no clear time of the audit can create free violations. Therefore, seasonal and climatic conditions which may affect the audit carried more human-oriented in this study were evaluated. Two different cities in the climatic conditions, taking into account 13 different monitoring parameters were investigated and compared. Also taking into account the different seasonal and climatic conditions of a city 13 different monitoring parameters were evaluated within the scope of the study.

Anahtar Kelime: Traffic Auditing,   Seasonal and Geographic Effects,   Ankara,   Antalya,   Continuity and deterrence 

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