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    Nisan - Ağustos - Aralık
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Murat ÖNDER, 

One of the most effective public transport system in metropolitan cities are the light rail system. In urban areas of intense travel demand, availability of these systems plays an important role in the choice especially due to little or no effect depending on the transport of pollutants. In this situation, the reduction of air pollution from traffic in urban centers, by providing support in terms of noise pollution and reducing the effects of global warming, it is necessary to expand the use of these systems which are important for the protection of human health and the environment.
Light rail system, which has been serving for years in our city, with rapid population growth and socio-economic development and urban transport substructure and the modernization of advanced technological improves, have to use more efficient of internal distribution and it became necessary to redesign. The vehicle interior comfort, security, equality and accessibility can be briefly stated parameters of public transport services, and suitable designing the present conditions, passenger pleasure and quality of trip, the effect of preferring to public transport is a very important criteria.
It is very important to meet the user's expectations of determination and expectations for the solution of problems of influence the transport comfort and safety of many light rail vehicles which used in urban transport network in our country. Therefore, the vehicle must be redesigned seat arrangement according to the nowadays requirements and propose. While making a new vehicle inside design, anthropometric and ergonomic rules according to disabled passengers who have limitation of movement and disadvantaged passengers constraints should be considered.
So, accessible for all passengers, suitable width for passenger circulation inside vehicle and providing the continuity, usable designs can be made.
In this study, for all urban who use light rail vehicles in public transport, basic parameters of public transportation services is kept in the forefront, vehicle interior new seating arrangement design and mention about the scenario created according to this design.

Anahtar Kelime: Public Transport Planning,  Rail Vehicle Design,  Product Design,  Structural Analysis

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