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    Nisan - Ağustos - Aralık
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Tarık ÇAKIR, 

After the harvest of agricultural products is one of the methods used for drying can be stored with minimal degradation of the quality and quantity of outside fresh consumption. Free water in the drying product removing age aim is to stop the activity of microorganisms and biochemical reactions that can occur in products. Outdoor sun drying methods in the dried product into powder, mixing of foreign materials such as soil, under adverse weather conditions (rain, wind) the difficulty of protecting the dried product, harmful from the protection requirements of the product in large drying area, outdoor products within the fungus increase the amount of factor, the open-air drying constitute disadvantages. If the liquid fuels such as fuel oil or electricity using the tunnel or oven-type dryers initial investment and operating costs are high. For these reasons, solar dryers, emerges as alternative drying methods that will minimize or eliminate the negative effects mentioned above.
The aim of this study was to Şanlıurfa dried red pepper spice with the intense solar greenhouse type of production in order to investigate the possibilities of designing solar driers.
Not only in terms of the development of solar driers drying costs, but also in terms of product quality and health is also important. Both long-time inclusion of direct sun-drying methods, as well as solar dryers to make drying possible in a short time without any loss in modern food safety and health rules on product quality and quantity due to non-compliance is an important option.

Anahtar Kelime: solar dryers,  red pepper,  color parameters

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