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    Nisan - Ağustos - Aralık
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  • Yıl: 2015
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Turkey has to evaluate its own renewable energy opportunities in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Kyoto protocol, which Turkey attended in 2009, and to reduce its rapidly increasing dependency on foreign energy sources. In this study, the performance which Turkey has exhibited in usage of renewable energy resources in recent years was examined. For this purpose, the renewable energy share of total energy consumption of 30 developed and developing countries was expressed as “renewable energy performance.” Activity evaluation was performed by using data envelopment analysis method. 30 countries whose data are completely available were used as decision unit. Efficiency changes in between 2000-2009 were investigated with window analyses. Some recommendations are offered to determine deficiencies of Turkey which must be prioritized in renewable energy sub-sectors in order to increase the renewable energy performance of Turkey and to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption.

Anahtar Kelime: Renewable Energy,  Efficiency,  Data envelopment analysis

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