Peer Review Process

Gazi Journal of Engineering Sciences is peer review journal. All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial pre-review screening and anonymised refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Blind Review and Evaluation Process

Blind Review is a method applied for publishing scientific publications with the highest quality. This method forms the basis of an objective evaluation of scientific studies and is preferred by many scientific journals. The views of referees have a decisive place in the publication quality of GJES. All the studies sent to GJES are evaluated by blind-review method according to the following steps.

Blind Review Type

GJES uses the double-blind review method in the evaluation process of all studies. The identities of author and referees are hidden in the double-blind review method.

Reviewers are selected matched to the paper according to their expertise, and our referee database is constantly being updated. We welcome recommendations for reviewers from authors, though these suggestions may or may not be used.

GJES accepts scientific works that have passed the preliminary evaluation in terms of quality and scope, aiming to transfer international information sharing in accordance with the basic rules and standards. The editors, field editors, and academic advisory committee members formed for this purpose are formed from those who are scientifically in the foreground in the fields of our members. Our paper accepts scientific works within the scope of the Engineering Basic Field and attaches great importance to accelerating the preliminary evaluation processes of works and bringing out the magazine on time.

When the contents of the publication are evaluated online in the first review, it is the basic principle to make preliminary evaluations of the articles which have not published in another journal and whose quotation rate is low. The authors are responsible for the ethics of the contents of scientific articles. Authors who submit articles to our magazine are deemed to have accepted these ethical rules.

Makale Gönder